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Back it up! | Foward!

Icon dumping!

I figured since I haven't posted in ages, I should post SOMETHING.
So hey, random icon posting, cause I should probably upload them to keep my icons safe 8)))) and fill up an lj entry for once
Why don't I have any FMA ones, weird.

Apollo justice - 9
Inazuma 11 - 21
Kamen Rider Den-O - 8
LeyLand - 2
Lucky Dog(Giulio) - 5
Persona 4 loooong comic - 6
Misc - 15


Apollo Justice
Fanarts, I do not claim any rights, credits to their respective artists.. if I remembered where from OTL

Inazuma 11
Again, fanart rights to the artists. Most of them found on pixiv anyway.

Kamen Rider Den-O
Then out of nowhere, Kai's live action while everyone's fanart.

LeyLand the Cough drop
From the famous: DR TRAN

Lucky Dog (Giulio)

Persona 4 (Hiimdaisy's long comic)

It's so random. Srsly. Chorusman art@あおい