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Back it up! | Foward!

Jjong and Skk couple?

The whole Jjong and Skk thing, now no one knows if it's real. Since allkpop posted that the Jjong sites closed, but in reality just had such high traffic that people can't access the site.
So who's to say the relationship isn't real?

Plus with upcoming concerts, it's a really bad business strategy to let your stars date cause you know the fangirls WILL rage.
And yet this went out? I don't completely doubt it's a lie, cause otherwise: Why is Key so out of it?
No kidding there,

Umma is the mood maker of the group. When things are down, he's the one cheering up everyone. He would be the first one to smile no matter how tired they all are. Or make pouts, glares, smiles, anything. But this performance he was just...out of it.
I'm not against the relationship, but I'm just worried about Key now. (plus there was news he injured his arm this time)

My mood's pretty much just this now:

I need to stop crying over this; i'm half laughing at myself for crying over this;;; Jjong's not even my bias;;

Umma, hang in there. #cheerupKey!